Never Do Cardio Workouts
Again - EVER!

"Working Class Cardio Workout" - How to Burn Bodyfat, Lose Weight, Have a Lean & Muscular Body, Be Strong & Powerful, Plus a Healthy Heart & Lungs...and You Can Workout Anywhere You Want!

Hey gang,

I used to be in the same spot you're in. I've done cardio workouts all the "old" ways - pounding the pavement for miles, doing my LSD (Long Slow Distance) running. I've also done busted my tail to do my cardio workout, doing the super-crazy intense Interval Training. And I had plenty of success with both. I've dropped weight with LSD, and I've gotten into great condition with Intervals.

But I knew at some point, things had to change. Spending long hours each week doing LSD, not to mention the cumulative shock it was putting on my body just wasn't cutting it. And as much as I like Intervals, it just burned out my nervous system to easily. (And I know how to do them the 'right' way...unlike most folks.)

Not to mention neither one addressed any strength work, muscle building, flexibility training, or anything else...just like most cardio workouts.

Something had to give.

What's Old Is New Again

DB Snatch cardio workout picI've been around the block a time or two, having trained myself, athletes, military, fighters, and helping many turn themselves from "ordinary to extraordinary". But I knew there had to be a better way, so I put my nose to the grindstone and started researching and experimenting.

When I came across the idea of circuit training, and saw that one of the world's most promiment kinesiotherapists and sports trainers was actually a former Mr. America-winning bodybuilder, not only won his title by using circuit trianing, but was able to help people dramatically improve their cardio and heart health...all with never doing a "cardio workout"...I knew I was onto something. It was time for me to get to work.

But I wanted more than all that. I wanted to develop not only awesome cardio, but strength and power. Build a great physique. Lose weight and burn fat. PLUS, I decided to up the stakes - I wanted to use only dumbbells, a medicine ball, and bodyweight calisthenics to do my cardio workouts. Minimal equipment means you can train anywhere you want - the gym, the park...even in front of your TV.

So I got started. When I lost 17 pounds in the first 2.5 weeks (and I'm in pretty darn good shape)...I knew I was onto something big. And that's how I ended up developing the Working Class Cardio Workout.

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Ordinary People;
Extraordinary Results

Here's the deal, though - I'm not the only person that's had some pretty amazing results with the kinda circuit training the Working Class Cardio Workout will have you doing.

aaron cardio workouts picAaron Bonafede (pictured left) lost over 35 lbs of bodyweight while getting massively stronger in almost every exercise (Aaron now can put his bodyweight + 50 lbs over his head with a barbell...and can squat 3x his bodyweight). He even had the trainers at his gym asking *him* for advice!

Rick Eckloff - still a competitive strength athlete at 43 years old - dropped his resting heartrate 3 beats/minute in 2 weeks.

Nikolay Ryzkhkov - a university age fighter from the Ukraine - lost 5 lbs in the first 1.5 weeks.

Eric Walker has lost over 60 lbs to date, not only making him healthier, but eliminating the need for him to have a what was once necessary knee surgery.

12 Reasons Why You Should
Do Circuit Training In The
"Working Class Cardio Workout"

  • Never have to do traditional cardio workouts again
  • Lose weight, burn bodyfat, and build muscle - all with the same cardio workout
  • Have that athletic-looking, lean, muscular physique - look better with your clothes on or off
  • Don't have just great cardio, but brutish strength and impressive power to match
  • Athletic-based cardio workouts make you not only look better and feel better, but be able to move and perform better
  • Minimal equipment needed - work out anywhere you want
  • Build crazy levels of "work capacity" - be able to outwork everybody you know
  • Improve your quality of life - feel better physically as well as keeping your nervous system and stress levels in check
  • Cardio Workouts are quick - as short as 15 minutes, and not longer than 45 minutes
  • No measly 8-week programs here...not even 90 days. Get a full 16-weeks of circuit training cardio workouts (get a lot more value for your dollar!)
  • Be healthier than you ever have - strong heart & lungs, powerful muscles, durable and healthy joints...the strength work even helps to increase bone density
  • Develop a mental toughness you can't get with other workouts and that carries over to all areas of your life

So...What Do I Get?

First you'll get the Working Class Cardio Workout - 16 weeks of kickass, fat-blasting, lean physique-building workouts. I've talked about those plenty, already, so I won't spend more time on that. But, that's not even close to being all.

You can also get access to:

  • Extensive F.A.Q.: This list of "Frequently Asked Questions" will answer all your questions about the workouts, how to do them, and anything else you might need to know.
  • Daily, Printable Workout Logs: So not only will you get overviews of each phase of the Working Class Cardio Workout, but you'll also get files that detail each week, as well as workout logs that you can print and fill out for each and every single workout. Just fill in the blanks.
  • Weekly Emails: No more information overload or needing to maintain motivation. Have your workouts, printable workout logs, video resources, and diet logs delivered to you EACH AND EVERY WEEK via email. Just open up your in-box and there they are.
  • Nutrition Tips: The old saying is right - you can't outwork a lousy diet. Learn what kinds of foods to eat, how to pick a good overall diet, why it's Ok to cheat now and then, what supplements to take (and where to get them), and more.
  • Exercise Video Resources: Get videos of every single exercise used in every single workout. Not sure how to perform an exercise? Just click the link!
  • Food Charts: Get four HUGE govt. reports on food...track them by exact calories, weight, protein/carbs/fat content...virtually every food known to man is included.
  • Weekly Diet Log Software: Making keeping track of your diet, and exactly how much you're eating with this super-simple, super easy-to-use software. Just fill in the blanks and let it do the rest!
  • "Daily Ritual" Report: If you've seen my stuff for any length of time, you know the value I place on getting at least some training in each day. Find out how these short (as little as 10 minutes) chunks can drastically add to your overall workout program.
  • "On the Road Again" Bonus Bodyweight Only Workout Program: Sometimes you're on the road, and all you have to work out with is you and your own body. This simple - yet extremely challenging - little program will keep you in all kinds of great shape for as long as you need to use it.

You Have TWO Choices
to Make TODAY

1) You can keep on doing the same cardio workouts you've been doing, and getting the same results you've always been getting. How's that working out for you?

2) can wake up, jump on this AWESOME DEAL, start doing the Working Class Cardio Workout, and take your health, your physique, your self-confidence, and your preparedness for life itself to the next level.

Click to Choose Your Package

Working Class Cardio Basic Package

  • "Working Class Cardio" program
  • F.A.Q.
  • Daily Workout Logs

Working Class Cardio Workout Package
"everything we have to offer!"

  • "Working Class Cardio" program
  • F.A.Q.
  • Daily Workout Logs
  • Exercise Video Resources
  • Weekly Emails
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Food Charts
  • Weekly Diet Log Software
  • "Daily Ritual" Report
  • "On the Road Again" Bonus Workouts

(***After your transaction is complete, be sure to click on the "Return to Merchant" button in order to get your downloads!***)

One last thing I want you to know - if you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me. You won't get some huge third-world country call center or anything like that - you'll get me directly. And I'll do my damndest to help you succeed in your cardio workouts.

Train Hard, Rest Hard, Play Hard-

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P.S. - Have checked out the 12 reasons you should be doing circuit training yet?

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BB3 cardio workout pic "As a trainer and coach myself, I know not only what works but what people
will actually do. There is an art and science to physical change and peak
performance. Matt Wiggins program does it all. It is fast, effective and you will feel like a complete bad ass when you're done. This is the type of training that that isn't all show and no will create both the show and the go! Scientific, Fun, and Manly. Love it!"
Billy Beck III
-2x MET-Rx World's Best Personal Trainer
-Personal Fitness Professional Magazine Trainer of the Year

cardio cafe cardio workout graphic"Not just for the guys! The thing I like about Matt’s workout is that it’s simple. That doesn’t mean it’s not hard! It’s intense! It makes you feel like you’ve worked. And if you work at it, you’ll get results. I like the format and the progressions each week. Having done the workout myself and tested it on both my male and female clients, I can say it’s not a workout that’s just for guys. I really encourage women to give it a go, as much as I encourage guys. The fact that you need minimal equipment and only a small area in which to work really eliminates any excuse not to give it a go!"
Eve Gillard
Melbourne, Australia
Executive Master Trainer

shawn phillips cardio workout abs pic "It's 'cardio' that moves you... beyond the boring, sitting there's your body in steady motion... burning and shaping..."

Shawn Phillips
author, "Strength For Life"
creator, "Full Strength" performance nutrition

scooter honig cardio workout book "Wiggy is one trainer who knows how to combine complex training for the average person as well as elite athletes..."

Dave "Scooter" Honig
Celebrity Trainer to Rapper/Actor LL Cool J
co-author, "LL Cool J's Platinum Workout"

cosgrove cardio workout head pic"Hi Matt - You are a much needed voice of reason in the strength and conditioning field. Keep up the great work."

Alwyn Cosgrove

nikolay cardio workout logo"First thing that I've got to say is that I lost 5 pounds in the first 1.5 weeks of your program...that's definately the workout I would follow before my official fight...the combination of posterior and anterior chain exercises various other sportsmen would find useful because of the amount of cleans and pushes combined with anaerobic circuits."
Nikolay Ryzhkov

eklof cardio workout picture"...after 2 weeks of the cardio program, the biggest thing that I’ve noticed is that my resting heartbeat is down about 3 beats per minutes. I’m down a couple of pounds as well. My energy level appears to be higher (I’ve got twin 4 year olds, so keeping my energy level high is very important)...At 43 years old I’m not concerned with being the biggest or the strongest, just being in the best overall athlete I can be."
Rick Eklof
masters (age 40+) Highland Games competitor

"I have been a loyal customer of Wiggy's for 2 years now, and I’m so confident in anything that Wiggy puts out, that I will guarantee you it will work. I’m in my early 30’s and can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life and getting better. The new "Working Class Cardio Workout" is AWESOME. If you want to get into real shape then look no further. Like any workout you will only get what you put into it. No, it’s not easy but you wouldn’t be reading this if you wanted to look like everyone else at the gym. Like Wiggy always says “Train Hard, Rest Hard, Play Hard”. So pick it up, do what he says and you to will look better, feel better, and believe in him like I do. God bless and good luck."
Aaron Bonafede

"I'm Aaron's Bonafede little brother, and we have been devout followers of your amazing strength and conditioning programs for at least two years. They truly have transformed my body into a work horse of a machine. I am a Firefighter who also does some Jiu Jitsu on the side. I have been asked/told by more than one person, 'How are you so strong?' or 'Do you ever get tired?' With the 'cardio workout' theme I decided to keep the rest (wait there is no time to rest between all of those wood choppers) to a minimum. By the time I was finished with the first workout, I had soaked through a shirt and had to answer more questions then normal as to what exactly I was doing. I knew it was another winner. I am confident this program will take anybody's cardio and strength to the next level and beyond. Thanks again for new ass kicking programs."
Matt Bonafede